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Creme Makeup and Skincare Basics

I like to use fashion makeup a lot in my cosplay (Grell wears Urban Decay eyeliner), but as I’ve become more accustomed to theatrical creme-based makeup, I want to incorporate it into cosplay.

Working with creme makeup taught me how to take care of my skin. I’m not joking. Before, I was the girl who said, ‘oh, one night wearing my makeup to sleep won’t do any harm!’ and had stress breakouts like it was my job. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind if you decide to work with creme makeup.

1. Make sure that your skin is properly moisturized. If your skin is too dry, it will actually try to absorb the moisture from the creme makeup in a desperate attempt to moisturize itself. This is terrible for your skin, but also for your application. It creates uneven patchy and chalky areas in your application. It also makes anything from a clown’s white complexion to kabuki and geisha practically impossible to apply successfully.

2. When taking off the makeup, do not scrub off with a harsh cleanser and rough washcloth. This shouldn’t be done to the face anyways, but I caution against it especially in this situation. I use cold cream and a very, very gentle washcloth. If you’re in a pinch, a moisturizing body lotion (like you get at Bath and Body Works) can substitute for cold cream, but it stings the eyes.

3. Take a hot shower after you’ve removed your makeup. If you’re at a convention and you want to quickly get out of makeup before going to a nighttime event, then make sure you shower before you go to sleep. The steam from the shower will open your pores. I don’t like to take my usual cleanser to my face after all of the abuse that it has been through, but I take a washcloth soaked with the hot water and press it to my skin (don’t scrub!). Apply a light moisturizer afterwards, and be aware of the skin around your eyes. Depending on the application, this area of the skin will be especially sensitive.

4. Some products like clown white—as opposed to highlight white—are very difficult to remove, but they must be. Clown white in particular is also chalkier than its highlight counterpart. Do not ever sleep in crème makeup, but really, do not *ever* sleep in this stuff. Personal experience from Anime Matsuri.

Much love,