Monthly Archives: May 2011

Grell Stop Making Me Cosplay You

I’d been told/warned by my friend Saffron that there had been some concept art of a younger Grell released. Long story short, I flipped out because I could now use my soon-to-be-retired first generation Grell wig instead of throwing it out. But I realized that with my costume construction final and styling Studio IV in Baroque/Restoration era clothing for their salon at the governor’s mansion here in Colorado, I would have enough on my plate getting Kuja, Fai, and Albel ready for Akon.

I freaking love Restoration fashion. It’s my favorite. I almost secretly cried during fittings for the Studio IV salon because of the opportunity to dive into that era. I’ve already decided on that era for the first project in which we get to choose our period for Costume Design 2. I don’t even care. Just kidding; if it’s something like Macbeth I think I’ll reconsider. But that’s reconsider.

So I didn’t even look for baby Grell because I just plain knew I didn’t have time. But the day I get home from Studio IV’s dress rehearsal day, I decide to tool around on the interwebs for awhile before turning right around and driving back to campus to work on my 1850s day dress and go see Cyrano in the Loft.

With a prologue like that, I don’t even need to show the concept art.

Look at that. Kind of Restoration era/more Regency/also another fashion era maybe/hey double-breasted coats and waistcoats are cool! Grell. And for Kuroshitsuji, that’s good enough for me because fashion elements from that time period could totally be assigned to a wider range of later decades (all Madam Reds I cosplay with of course been subjected to the whole ‘Madam Red is totally rocking fashion from 19-freakin’-12′ rant.)

I don’t have time for this, Grell. I know we just made up, but seriously. You need to stop attempting to seduce me with your historical costumey ways. Because it’s working.