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Story time!

If I am going about doing my thing in daily life and you ask me if I cosplay, I will say no. That’s just how it is. One, I’m fairly petite and girly and when someone asks, they tend to already have the type of cosplay I do picked out for me in their heads. And they give suggestions that ultimately make me feel uncomfortable and I think they’re creepers, and that’s just unfair for everyone involved. And two, just no. But there are degrees of me denying that I cosplay, and it depends on who I’m shopping for at the time that I’m asked. Like if someone had asked me while I was shopping for Zidane Tribal, I would say something like, “Aw, that’d be fun! But no, this is just for some projects around the house.” If it’s for a Kuja, I give a blank stare and say it’s for class.

This is what happens when someone asks me if I cosplay when I’m shopping for Albel the Wicked.

I’m at Michaels and I have 1) a roll of black craft foam 2) four sheets of the super-thick craft foam and 3) a huge mass of chain from the Halloween aisle even though I only need three links, because that was my only option. A guy is running the register and asks me if this is for Halloween and I say that it is, but then he looks at the chain and asks what I’m making. I laugh and tell him it’s for decoration and that I usually just throw something together the night before Halloween (which is totally true). He tells me that making costumes is the best part. I want to agree with him and at this point I wonder if he is a cosplayer, and so obviously my brain is off on that train of thought while I’m stuck with replying something like ‘I do so much costuming outside of Halloween that I’m usually uninspired.’

When he asks me if I cosplay, I think of what I’m buying, and I think of Albel Nox because for whatever reason, if you can get me to admit that I cosplay, I will not lie to you and tell you I cosplay someone nice and happy instead of borderline S&M. I blush really hard and say ‘no’. Just a flat-out denial; really quick, super suspicious ‘no’. I cover it and tell him I work at the university’s costume shop (also totally true), but yeah. He caught me. Two different kinds of craft foam and lots of it? Freakishly large amount of chain? If I worked at Michaels, I’d make a game out of spotting cosplayers just to pass the time.

Hey Michaels Guy. I totally cosplay. Hearts,