About: amara


I’m amara,  the newer cosplayer of the duo, and lover of pretty things.  I’m handy with an iron, needle and thread, and I’m working my way up the costuming ladder behind my partner in crime.  I’m also more partial to simpler costumes, preferably ones that are feminine.

I’ve only been cosplaying since early 2010, actually.  So when I say I’m the newer 0f the duo, I really mean it.  We once cosplayed back in 2007, but I took a break because I wasn’t “good enough” to cosplay.  (which was a mistake to ever think on my part)  Recently, between some discussions with greyrondo and becoming rather in love with fashion, I decided to delve back into cosplay.  So yes, I’ve only on my fifth costume and still learning my way around the game.

As a relatively new cosplayer, I’m here to share my mishaps, basic misconceptions, and remind about the basics of attending conventions, like eating.  If nothing else, laughs will abound when I tell you about my brother’s twitching when I wear my red contacts.

Completed Costumes: Yuuko from xxxHolic book cover 14, Lotti from Pandora Hearts, and Madam Red from Kuroshitsuji.

WIP Costumes: Midori from .hack/Cell, Sakura from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, and (more to come, still delving through some of my old mangas)


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