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Vampire Twin Subaru from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (coming soon!)


Here’s how it went: “Want to cosplay the vampire twins?” “Yeah!” “Which one do you want to be?” “I’ll be Subaru since you’re taller.”

So I’d never read Tokyo Babylon, and to be honest I didn’t really pay any attention to Subaru when I watched X because it’s hard to understand what’s going on with Subaru in the anime without reading Tokyo Babylon. And I thought he was kind of weird but in an ignore button kind of way. Way to learn my own lesson: research your character before you decide.

Kuja’s 4th Costume from Dissidia: Final Fantasy (coming soon!)

If I ever tell you that I don’t have a favorite costume, I’m lying. This is it. I made this costume right after I completed Costume Construction at my university and after a semester of obsessing over Baroque/Restoration clothing and I just had fun making something kind of ridiculous. Though I have to admit, I had to talk myself into the metallic gold fringe on the trim.

Best Craftsmanship Award, San Japan 4TW 2011

Albel Nox from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (coming soon!)

picture from

I finally did it. I remade the first cosplay that I ever made, but just to keep things interesting during construction, I decided to play up Albel’s epithet, Albel the Wicked. My friends are cosplaying Cliff Fittir and Fayt Leingod with me at Ikkicon this upcoming year. Not gonna lie, getting into makeup with the red eyes, the bloodstains, and the dirt smudges and snarling at the camera is my favorite part.

Arcanus from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn


Alex was my favorite character from Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age (with Piers in close second). But for as long as I’ve been cosplaying, I’ve been putting him off for one reason or another. Then finally, Dark Dawn was released and I had no more excuses!

Izaya Orihara from Durarara!


I have a hoodie that’s white with faux fur trim. And it is so warm and soft and comfy that I thought, “what if I had this… BUT IN COSPLAY?” We happened to be watching DRRR! in anime club and Izaya won me over… somehow. To this day, I don’t really know how that happened.


Zidane Tribal, Dissidia: Final Fantasy


Zidane grew on me over the years. I like the balance of optimism and loneliness in his character, and because of how he handled the ending of Final Fantasy IX with Kuja, I almost felt like I wanted to say thanks. So I cosplayed him!

Judge’s Award Animefest Dallas 2010

Opera Dress Grell, Kuroshitsuji 2nd Musical


Only time I will be seen in a dress for cosplay. But I couldn’t resist ^_^

Best in Show San Japan 2010

Albireo, .hack//A.I. Buster

Photographer: DugFinn

This is a case where I loved the character so, so much that the fact that I wasn’t really a fan of the design was totally forgotten. I do joke that this costume is just one big silver pinecone, though. I told Amara when I first introduced her to .hack// that you don’t have one favorite character in .hack if you explore the series, you have an entire group. But if I had to choose one, it would be Captain Albireo of the Cobalt Knights/ System Administrator Kazushi Watarai, in a heartbeat.

Kuja (Alternate), Dissidia: Final Fantasy


More Kuja! This particular one has been taken apart and put back together again a couple of times. I fell out of love with the original fabric I used, and then the dye on the wig turned pink and I replaced the ostrich feathers with albino peacock swords, and I redid all of the armor, from the boots to the belts, from scratch. And then somewhere in there I learned that Kuja’s jacket doesn’t have a back. He keeps me on my toes >.>

Grell Sutcliffe, Kuroshitsuji

Photographer: Eurobeat King

Notes: I like to say that there are two different Grells in the series Kuroshitsuji (even though we all know that it’s all him). While creating this costume, I decided to channel the Grell that is more than capable of the Jack the Ripper murders and has something mocking underlying every flirtation with Sebastian, rather than ‘adorable, genuinely obsessed with Sebastian’ Grell from the latter half of the anime. There were three major places in the costume that I tweaked to get this effect. I toned down the ribbon from a red/white to a burgundy/cream, painted the chainsaw to be grittier rather than immaculately maintained, and went with the yellow contacts rather than a warmer, more natural hazel. I felt that it would be easier for me to portray the extent of Grell’s mercurial personality from a scary to bubbly perspective rather than the other way around.

Best in Show Animeland Wasabi 2010


Fai D. Fluorite, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Photographer: Eurobeat King

Notes: This costume was the second that I made and was in retirement until this year, when I dusted it off and restitched some things. It’s relatively uncomplicated to move, is very comfortable as long as the convention isn’t too hot, and at 10 minutes if I’m lazy, the fastest cosplay to put on in my entire collection.

Kuja (Trance), Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Photographer: My stealthy sister.

Notes: I started this costume with absolutely no intent of finishing it, much less wearing it anywhere or taking it a cosplay contest. White scraps magically propagate in my supplies, and I needed to get rid of them. When I realized I also needed to get rid of a large amount of feathers from my last attempt at Trance Kuja, I decided I might as well not do things halfway!

Best in Class San Japan 2009

Featured in Cosplay in America

Kuja (Amano), Final Fantasy IX

Photographer: DugFinn

Notes: I tend to think of the cosplay I have made in terms of before this costume and after this costume. It was directly the product of the work ethic I had been forming through the previous two, Fai and Endrance, but it was the first time I felt constantly aware of the character while making the costume. Even though I feel like I had as much success with interpreting the design as I could have at that point in my costuming experience, I really want to approach this costume again one day. I have buckles already set aside! Quite honestly, though, my entire cosplay life is one huge supply shopping trip for Kuja: if I’m looking for someone else and I spy something that’s a decent price and fits him, then it’s in my basket.

Ky Kiske, Guilty Gear

Ky Kiske… lots of swearing at marine vinyl for stretching under the presser foot, lots of rub’n’buff, and the last time I used crepe-backed satin to such a huge extent for any project. Much more impressive is the sword that Dugfinn made for me in… two days? I’m pretty sure it was two days.

Duo Lon, King of Fighters

Old cosplay is old. All I remember is that this is the costume during which I swore off extremely long fake nails and I had to take an aspirin before I put it on because of that huge hairpiece. As you can see, by the time I wore it for Animix I had abandoned the nails. But I loved the makeup.

Featured in OTACOOL2

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