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Sorry, Kurama


Today I went to investigate the price of frames because I bought three Cirque du Soleil posters. I also went to investigate the fake leather situation for Zidane, but that’s just business as usual.

On the way back from Hobby Lobby, it suddenly hit me that I possibly had everything I needed for Kurama from Yuu Yuu Hakusho, between the pants I made for the Archangel from Baroque and other fabric lying around useless. Since he’s one of those older characters I loved  to death but never yet cosplayed, I thought this was perfect. So I went home to look up  his character art (yes, right in the middle of my frame pseudo-shopping trip!), and…

The Archangel’s pants are white. His are blue. So close!!

Much love,



Some Quick Housekeeping

mamaesme is a name no longer in use. I am going by amara now.

much love,
amara who was once mamaesme

So Indecisive!

When it comes to scheduling cosplays, I never know when to look backwards or go forwards. There are always new characters—and there will always be more—that catch my eye, but there are always those characters that stick with me through all the years too, that I haven’t yet cosplayed. This past year was a mix of newer characters and some I’d known about for awhile, but I still haven’t touched that group of older characters. Those are the ones I just have to think about, and they bring back a wave of nostalgia more than powerful enough to get me through a cosplay project if I wanted.

Making this little guy one of the most dangerous items I own.

A huge part of cosplay for me is saying ‘Thanks for being awesome’ to the series, and to the characters that made me stick around. Which doesn’t help me choose… at all.

Much love,


Albireo: Lightweight Scale Mail with Craft Foam

Armor plus skintight is a fairly common combination in anime and video games. After this cosplay, I can’t honestly say it became one of my favorites. But I still love Albireo.

System Administrator Albireo from .hack//A.I. Buster wears a sleeveless shirt of scale mail. He has a gangly sort of frame, and in the illustrations, his armor clings to that. In cosplay, it looks like I’m wearing a silver pinecone even though the base shirt is so tight I couldn’t get in without a separating side zipper–I had to seam rip myself out of it the first time.  I gave myself a waist and stronger shoulders again by widening his belts, and pulling them very, very tight. But even with that, I’m kind of fond of my silver pinecone. It wasn’t hard to make, even though it did take some time between one thing and another.

After making the base tank top, the individual scales were cut out from craft foam and sealed because craft foam is really thirsty. I spray painted the reverse side with normal silver spray paint, then bought a hole punch from the papercrafting section at Hobby Lobby and put holes into each scale before I finished the front sides.

While making the costume, I liked to contrast Albireo to another character, Balmung of Azure Sky, as a way to figure out what textures would fit Albireo. So while Balmung would have bright shining armor, I used hammered metal Rustoleum for Albireo’s armor. This is the part that took so long for me–I kept underestimating how much spray paint I needed.

I threaded strips of vinyl through the holes in each scales and ran lines of zig stitching across the base shirt, spacing out and staggering the scales. Vinyl trim from Joanns closed off the collar, and that was it!

Much love,


Zidane Tribal Progress Gallery

On Tuesday and Wednesday I dedicated some serious time to Zidane Tribal, who I need to finish for Afest. I haven’t yet found a leather/pleather/vinyl I like for him, so the vest will be incomplete until I do.

Much love,


Kuroshitsuji’s Attack on My Wardrobe

At last year’s San Japan, I already had inklings of a series called… something I couldn’t pronounce yet. All I knew was the name ‘Sebastian’ and my friend thought he was kind of dull. I learned about Kuroshitsuji through cosplay at San Japan. So I thought Ciel was an eighteen year-old stereotypical aristocratic brat, Sebastian was either a minor character or I just couldn’t tell him apart from all the other characters who wear black in anime, and Grell was a lovely name for a bright-eyed girl with a chainsaw. I also thought it was a fighting game produced by Square Enix (I still think it would have been cool if Ciel had a sword in his cane, which was what I naturally assumed).

I learned otherwise, although the impression that Grell was a lady lasted for about ten minutes longer than it should have for a serious Final Fantasy IX fan. And for a little while I wanted to cosplay Ciel. But that’s not the important part of this story.

The important part is that I never cosplayed Ciel and as a result, I have been thinking about socks way too much (and you know Alois hasn’t helped matters). Socks haven’t been a genuine consideration in my wardrobe since I grew out of kitty-face socks when I was four. Now, I’ve devoted a sizable portion of my clothes-related thoughts to amassing a respectable sock collection.

Not cutesy socks. Mid-calf herringbone socks that I can wear with my oxfords (oh wait, I can blame those on Kuroshitsuji too, can’t I?), scrunchy charcoal ones that can peek over my equally-hypothetical houndstooth rain boots,  since I didn’t like that pattern all of my life until…

I saw it on Kuroshitsuji. I think… I’m scared.


San Japan Con Report

I am in love with San Japan’s new location at the Rivercenter Marriott in San Antonio. The staff was very courteous and friendly and the convention was well-distributed over the space provided. San Japan is one of the better-organized conventions I have attended, even taking into account that attendance skyrocketed this year.

We would have the standard pic of the dealer's room right here, but we didn't take any real photos. I think I'm pointing at the pattern of the carpet.

We had a great time hosting the Anime Murder Mystery on Saturday. We were pretty surprised when we had the sign-up sheets fill up so quickly, and kept on getting more and more surprised at interest in the event from there to the point that when I saw the length of the line outside the door, I mildly freaked out. If you attended, we would love to hear any comments or suggestions, and look forward to bringing even more to the table  next year!

Cosplay represents a huge part of San Japan’s panel lineup and the contest reflects that. I’m glad for San Japan’s insistence on dividing the cosplay contest into classes and their emphasis on craftsmanship as well as presentation. The fashion show was a great way to include more cosplayers, too. All in all, while it was a little hot and stuffy in the salon in which we were placed, we spoke to plenty of cosplayers who were amazing both in their costumes and as people. It was a tough competition and we were fortunate enough to win best in show with Madam Red and Grell Sutcliff! Though I still have no clue when or where he wears that dress… and I’m slightly embarrassed that I knew Lacrimosa well enough to know exactly when our thirty seconds were up, but still had no idea whatsoever that someone was pointing his camera right into every single cosplayer’s face as he or she walked onstage. I’m just going to call it being in character. Not totally oblivious, not. At. All.

One last thing: this is the first convention that I brought a bit of a bug, and then got better by Saturday. Not sure how that works. San Japan continues to be an enjoyable convention, and I’m already excited for next year.

Much love,