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Nan Desu Kan Report

Let me start off by saying that if I did not already pre-reg and did not have a hotel room with other people, I would not have gone. I’m still dealing with Afest’s con plague today.

All I did at NDK was hang out and sleep. I went to the AMV contest, cosplayed, and shopped in there too, but I mostly slept.

Friday was a quick change cosplay day for one of the girls in my room. She went from Sango from Inuyasha to Kaito to J-rock with another cosplay I didn’t even see in there somewhere! I eventually put on Albireo once it was cooler and I’m sure I confused a Will Spears cosplayer when I asked if he would be Will again on Saturday, did not even explain that I would be wearing Grell, and then wandered off. I’m sorry! I’m blaming it on my con plague medicine. But it’s just as well, since I only had the strength to wear Grell for about half an hour, most of it sitting down.

I think this year’s NDK is the last Colorado convention I attend the whole time. Afest is a sure thing next year and I’m getting much more involved with various cosplay projects in Texas. And with NDK’s cap making more casual planning for this con difficult in the future, I’ll probably be dropping in on Saturdays for Animeland Wasabi if anything. This decision wasn’t made lightly, and I have really enjoyed my time at Colorado conventions!

Much love,


Afest Con Report!

Now that my conventions are winding down, I’ll pick up writing about cosplay instead of writing about me freaking out about cosplay again. NDK’s this weekend, but all I’m going to do is Curaga my Zidane and Grell from last weekend’s fun at Afest and drag along poor Albireo.

Oh, Afest. This is my first… Afest, my first convention I would be flying to, my first time dragging FFIX onstage in more than a year. Well, I dragged my FFIX onstage. Destiny’s Kuja very nicely walked. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We had a lovely photoshoot! Walk-on contest was Friday night, which threw my mental preparation for a loop. But we got an early number, I think we did our onstage presentation well (I totally screened out all sound onstage this time), and we ended up winning a Judges Award! Yay. I’ve been led to believe we were bumped up a category into the masters division, which was flattering and very shaking at the same time.

After that, Saturday, Sunday and Monday were tons of fun. I got to hang out with my TWABI friends outside of the cosplay contest, we avoided permanent fan damage (yay Kuroshitsuji!!), and I went to my first semi-formal convention ball and learned a very basic waltz. Check out Cosplay in America’s vid! And watch me mess with my Grell glasses.

I am so burned out on Grell. I still love him. But after NDK he’s on vacation until A-kon.

Much love,