An Angry Letter to My Latest Cosplay

With Star Ocean: The Last
Nabari no OuLast Exile, and many others, I’ve been knee-deep in anime, manga, and video games for the past few months. I think that spending some time being a fan and reminding myself why I love this crazy stuff in the first place really helped me with my convention and cosplay fatigue. Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited for my next.convention.

I’m also incredibly suspicious of Amara and December now. There’s no way that they haven’t been scheming behind my back because suddenly I’m cosplaying Pandora Hearts, never mind that I’m super late to this party, and I don’t even think I had a say in this. I started reading and suddenly a character just decided to include himself on my list without talking to me first. I think money changed hands.

In their schemes they were obviously planning on me choosing Xerxes Break. I should have told them I was cosplaying Oz and stuck to it for 24 hours or so to see if they planned a cosplay intervention. The fact that they both had the same second and third choices (yes I made them guess) for me only confirms that they’ve had this planned for a while.

So way to throw off everyone including me, Vincent Nightray, because bless your batsh*t crazy little heart, but I was reading Pandora Hearts for pretty much everyone but you. I don’t know what you’re doing here, because I’m not really even a fan of your character design. I mean, it’s okay, I guess, but there’s a lot more interesting stuff going on with others on the cast and I’ve gotten harassed a lot for that nightdress you’re wearing. I’ve endured a lot of harassment, actually, thanks to you (but I’m pretty sure 95% of it’s payback for all the Kamui jokes I made a couple of months ago.)

Also. You’re a super creeper.



P.S. Okay so maybe you’re a nice casual cosplay with a little bit of craft work that will give me something to do so I don’t go crazy during finals and you’re just what I need to warm back up before tackling Kuja and Arumat for spring, you look pretty comfy, and I can hug all of the adorable Gilbert cosplayers I want and blame it on you. But none of that excuses anything.

P.P.S. As of right now, I have everything I need for you either bought, ordered, or planned to order so that it doesn’t appear on my doorstep when I’m in another state, except for the velvet I want for your robe. So I guess I like you.


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My name is greyrondo. I've been a cosplayer since Fall 2006, and I've noticed that the best conversations I have with cosplayers usually involve the question, 'so how DID you do that?' So after studying costuming and making a closet's worth of costumes, that's what I'd like to help answer. Drop in and stay awhile whether you're a cosplayer or just a curious spectator; one of my musings is bound to be what you're looking for. If you have a question or something to say, leave a comment or contact me! I don't bite, I promise. View all posts by greyrondo

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