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A Present for Madam Red

After her flight back from Kumoricon, one of my cosplay friends discovered that TSA had done quite a bit of damage to several parts of her Madam Red and Panty costumes. So we decided to remake a few of the destroyed pieces as a surprise.

As her Grell, I decided to tackle her choker. And then I thought: while I was at it, why shouldn’t I make chokers for both of my Madam Reds?

Since we don’t really know how much longer we have with my Colorado Madam Red before she moves halfway across the country, I gave it to her this weekend during a horror movie marathon.  And…

She saw the black lace and freaked out. We didn’t understand why she refused to open it in front of our guy friend. Then I thought about it for a second and told her about fifty times that it wasn’t underwear (why would I give her underwear? She’s got plenty from her Panty cosplay.) She didn’t really believe me and flung the choker onto the couch a good five feet away before she saw the gems and chain and everything.

Most hilarious reaction to a present I’ve ever seen? I think so.

This is the one I made for her. It’s basically my reinterpretation of the commissioned choker that came with her dress. It has a velvet ribbon base with black lace stitched onto the top and bottom, with a skinny black trim to disguise the stitching. The black trim was also a good anchor for the brooch, chain, and beading. She’d always had problems with her old choker’s fit, so I made it adjustable with a bit of extra Velcro.

For Amara, I decided to go more with my own instincts on how I would make Madam Red’s choker. But I haven’t yet found the perfect brooch for the center, so the design’s a secret until it’s in her hands!


My Cosplay List is a Reality TV Show

And with this week, the last new representative from Team Anime has been sent home. Can Team RPG pull it together to secure a win now that Kurama’s the only one left standing?

Last week, Luka Crosszeria was essentially eliminated because… among other things… I just do not trust the plot with his promise not to betray Yuki.

from animay.net

It’s not you, Luka, I know you have good intentions. Speaking of things that characters do for the sake of plot that are dealbreakers:

You know what you did, Claude. You KNOW what you freaking did.

I had a bad feeling about Claude at first, but he pulled me in with his ‘to turn waltz into requiem, that is the Trancy butler’ line because I’m a sucker for for things like that (see my entire Kuja cosplay collection).  And I really wanted to put my tailoring knowledge to cosplay use because tailoring is fun and it’s been awhile since Grell.

Claude is getting the boot even though it’s only episode 8 and I know there’s plenty of time to ‘redeem himself’ or whatever, but he’ll never redeem his relationship to Alois in my book. Anything he does from here on out will be too little, too late. And that’s why he was sent home.

Consider yourself kicked out of the Kuroshitsuji accessory box, Claude.

Auf Wiedersehen,


P.S. Has anyone else noticed that in spite of the fact that Grell’s existence seems to be perpetuated by fanservice obligations, he’s always unfailingly present and a participant in everything REALLY bad that happens in this series?So…  at least I got to see my true Grell last night! I love him when he gets all murdery and ‘I’ll be gentle…’ and such, although it would have been much more interesting if he didn’t actually declare himself to be on Sebby’s side to Claude.

Kuroshitsuji’s Attack on My Wardrobe

At last year’s San Japan, I already had inklings of a series called… something I couldn’t pronounce yet. All I knew was the name ‘Sebastian’ and my friend thought he was kind of dull. I learned about Kuroshitsuji through cosplay at San Japan. So I thought Ciel was an eighteen year-old stereotypical aristocratic brat, Sebastian was either a minor character or I just couldn’t tell him apart from all the other characters who wear black in anime, and Grell was a lovely name for a bright-eyed girl with a chainsaw. I also thought it was a fighting game produced by Square Enix (I still think it would have been cool if Ciel had a sword in his cane, which was what I naturally assumed).

I learned otherwise, although the impression that Grell was a lady lasted for about ten minutes longer than it should have for a serious Final Fantasy IX fan. And for a little while I wanted to cosplay Ciel. But that’s not the important part of this story.

The important part is that I never cosplayed Ciel and as a result, I have been thinking about socks way too much (and you know Alois hasn’t helped matters). Socks haven’t been a genuine consideration in my wardrobe since I grew out of kitty-face socks when I was four. Now, I’ve devoted a sizable portion of my clothes-related thoughts to amassing a respectable sock collection.

Not cutesy socks. Mid-calf herringbone socks that I can wear with my oxfords (oh wait, I can blame those on Kuroshitsuji too, can’t I?), scrunchy charcoal ones that can peek over my equally-hypothetical houndstooth rain boots,  since I didn’t like that pattern all of my life until…

I saw it on Kuroshitsuji. I think… I’m scared.


Grell’s LBD

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, it’s true. Grell seems like he would be good at breaking silences (or making awkward silences) and I finished him way ahead of schedule. For the longest time I called this his Moulin Rouge dress, but every lady needs that one little black dress and this one is his. Or as little as a LBD could be in the Victorian era, anyways.

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Not pictured are the lovely thigh highs and garters that also go with this, because both tend to look like scrunched-up and forgotten piles of trim if someone’s not in them! The dress itself is lined in poly shantung and the fashion fabric is this lovely floral brocade I picked out at the last minute when I realized that the fabric I’d first picked reflected light like a black hole. I have no clue what the striped fabric on the shoulders and on the shoes’ bows is, only that it was on clearance and is something polyester that likes to rip along the straight of grain even when I’m trying for the cross.

For whatever reason, it’s really hard to find affordable fire hydrant red pumps this season. The shoes were the dreariest off-white pair in my size, but were also $7 and I had plenty of the Nu-Life spray left over from reaper Grell.  The opera gloves in the design don’t have the rhinestone trim like the pair I bought, but this is Grell here. I honestly couldn’t tell what was going on with the earrings and the choker except for the basic red and black shapes and the skull. They probably would have stayed a lot simpler if I hadn’t found those cute little bow charms, and of course I couldn’t just leave them there…

And the hair. It’s hard to see, but that huge mass of flowers and ostrich feathers is attached to a removable hair piece. X_X I’ll probably devote an entire angst-ridden post to it.

Much love,


Prop Chainsaw Construction Gallery

Series/Source: Kuroshitsuji, anime.

Character: Grell Sutcliffe

Prop: Ridiculously oversized chainsaw (and a total anachronism, to boot).