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An Angry Letter to My Latest Cosplay

With Star Ocean: The Last
Nabari no OuLast Exile, and many others, I’ve been knee-deep in anime, manga, and video games for the past few months. I think that spending some time being a fan and reminding myself why I love this crazy stuff in the first place really helped me with my convention and cosplay fatigue. Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited for my next.convention.

I’m also incredibly suspicious of Amara and December now. There’s no way that they haven’t been scheming behind my back because suddenly I’m cosplaying Pandora Hearts, never mind that I’m super late to this party, and I don’t even think I had a say in this. I started reading and suddenly a character just decided to include himself on my list without talking to me first. I think money changed hands.

In their schemes they were obviously planning on me choosing Xerxes Break. I should have told them I was cosplaying Oz and stuck to it for 24 hours or so to see if they planned a cosplay intervention. The fact that they both had the same second and third choices (yes I made them guess) for me only confirms that they’ve had this planned for a while.

So way to throw off everyone including me, Vincent Nightray, because bless your batsh*t crazy little heart, but I was reading Pandora Hearts for pretty much everyone but you. I don’t know what you’re doing here, because I’m not really even a fan of your character design. I mean, it’s okay, I guess, but there’s a lot more interesting stuff going on with others on the cast and I’ve gotten harassed a lot for that nightdress you’re wearing. I’ve endured a lot of harassment, actually, thanks to you (but I’m pretty sure 95% of it’s payback for all the Kamui jokes I made a couple of months ago.)

Also. You’re a super creeper.



P.S. Okay so maybe you’re a nice casual cosplay with a little bit of craft work that will give me something to do so I don’t go crazy during finals and you’re just what I need to warm back up before tackling Kuja and Arumat for spring, you look pretty comfy, and I can hug all of the adorable Gilbert cosplayers I want and blame it on you. But none of that excuses anything.

P.P.S. As of right now, I have everything I need for you either bought, ordered, or planned to order so that it doesn’t appear on my doorstep when I’m in another state, except for the velvet I want for your robe. So I guess I like you.


Shaking the Post-Con Blues?

Thanks to summer semester, I didn’t really notice this until the beginning of this month. But ever since I came back from A-kon in Dallas I’ve been kind of bummed out about cosplay. I can’t think of anything that happened at A-kon that made me feel this way, either. The turnout at the video game cosplay contest was pretty awesome, I cosplayed not one but three of my favorite characters ever, and the heat didn’t make me pass out in any of them, even Kuja. I got to at least see everyone I knew was going to be there, even if we didn’t get to hang out as much as I wanted. Maybe it was because I didn’t find what I was looking for in the dealer’s room?

What am I doing? San Japan’s in less than a month!

Not even working on a Golden Sun cosplay could really get rid of it (especially now that I’ve given myself a couple of second-degree burns.) I’d revisit Dark Dawn, but let’s be honest, I’m already having way more fun making the cosplay than I did playing that game.

So yesterday I told myself that sometimes things are really exciting. Things that aren’t cosplay, things that make cosplay momentarily not as cool in comparison, things that make you want to take your scheduled cosplay work time and use it to work on them instead. And that’s perfectly okay. I have a project I’m working on that, while not related at all to cosplay, makes me Kuja cosplay-level excited. I should just probably accept that until it’s done, I’m just going to have to cosplay only characters I really, really love instead of just kind of love, if I want to get anything done. Problem: neither Amiti nor vampire twin Subaru are quite there.

I’ll get it figured out. I read all of Tokyo Babylon in one sitting (bad plan if depressing manga gets to you) and Amiti is Alex’s kid (spoiler…sorry?)

I’m halfway there.

On a side note, poly velvet burns really nicely. Should I just tell people I burned myself working on the velvet instead of because I dropped a button’s worth of hot glue on my leg while watching The Da Vinci Code? It just sounds more awesome.

Microbes and Lace

This semester, we watched Moyashimon in anime club. We picked it for our comedy series and since we played it after Mushi-shi, we called it our ‘microbe power hour’. Apart from me thinking that the Oryzae microbe is the cutest thing since Hello Kitty, it was always refreshing to watch a comedic take on university after a stressful week in one.

And then we got to the last couple of episodes. Everything came together, the series’ episodic insanity made sense thematically, and… spoilers ahead!

This is Kei on the left. That's AU Edward Elric on the right. Just kidding.

Kei’s my favorite character because he had that grounded personality and comparatively subtle humor that made Moyashimons over the top situations believable without detracting from them. But then he totally bailed a few episodes in, leaving me a sad Kei fan and wishing just as much as Sawaki that Kei would pick up his phone and let Sawaki (and me!) know if he’s alive. He’d already pretty much made the ‘I need more casual cosplays!’ list on the second episode.

Remember Kei from the last pic? This is also Kei.

After being gone for half the anime, Kei reappears… looking very nice in full gothic lolita dress. This wouldn’t be a problem for me, except that I loved this series enough already and the ending of the anime was pretty much about going off and finding exactly what it is you want to do, even if people have other plans in mind for you. And as far as going off and finding exactly what I want to do, this is a pretty important semester for me.

Naturally, I had an immediate, instinctive ‘MUST COSPLAY!’ reaction. So basically, I can’t get my mind to accept cosplaying a female character no matter how much I love her, but Kei here brings out that part of me that always wanted to be a gothic lolita.


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…And then nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks.

Sure, 'Arcanus'. Whatever.

That’s all. I’m sparing everyone the ten minute long fangirl explosion that Destiny had to sit through last night.


The Good Side of ‘Never Enough’

On Tuesday night, as I was walking back to my car after my late class, I was thinking about experience. For whatever reason, music had wandered onto my mind and even though performing isn’t a part of my life any more, I have almost nine years of professional training.

And then I stopped and thought, ‘I would kill to have nine years of experience in costuming or photography.’

The greatest and most daunting aspect of the construction side of cosplay is the variety of know-how needed. It’s been four years since the first cosplay I made and there are still costumes that I’m wary to take on. Not because they’re difficult, but because huge design elements are just completely out of my current skill range.

Like many other crafts, cosplay is something learned by doing. And now that I think about it, I kind of like the idea that no matter where I look, there’s something new I get to learn.


Stuck in a Rut

Does it ever seem like all the characters you pick are in some way the same? For awhile, Amara had a string of characters that were all dead. Which has kind of morphed into a string of characters with tons of gorgeous detailing and draping and everything a cosplayer could ever want.

So why are all of my characters such jerks?!?

I’m not counting the ones that I’ve picked primarily for group cosplay business, like Tsuzuki and Jr. But everyone who I’ve picked just on my own, out of nowhere, are all jerks. Grell: being Jack the Ripper is a jerk move. Kuja: pretty and well-spoken, but a jerk. Albel: I know you’ve got some serious baggage, but you’re a jerk. Even Haseo can be a tool sometimes. At least, I make him that way since I don’t like Atoli. Izaya… anyways.

I’m not a jerk in real life. I will admit to being sassy and brutally honest (but only out of love!) and sometimes oblivious. I’m not even a jerk when I’m in cosplay. I break character because being friendly at a convention is awesome and that’s what conventions are for (I meant for being friendly and meeting people, not necessarily being awesome, but I’ve seen people fit that into their schedules too.)

What gives?


Getting Organized

Look at how organized that is! That’s me actually owning a corkboard AND using it to keep on track instead of just putting ticket stubs and fabric swatches and Christmas cards up there! Fancy.

Yes, that’s a group sketch of everyone lined up for height comparisons down one and on the left. At first I had everyone with their weapons of choice, so I had Izaya ducking his head to avoid Grell’s chainsaw. But then I forgot his blade and then when I got to Haseo, the thought of drawing those guns just made my eyes glaze over. I actually wrote ‘see ref art’ on my sketch for Haseo. I also wrote something about how Izaya probably wears designer clothes but has no idea how to dress himself and thinks all black is cool from when he was in high school. And I don’t have a Tsuzuki sketch because I’m still figuring out which incarnation of him I want to construct. The thought of constructing collars with peak lapels intimidates me, but I went with one for the sketch since I like drawing them.

Much love,