My Very Very Late NDK Post

Because I was in the middle of a production (more on that later), I only went to NDK for one day this year. I kind of sort of put Subaru together enough so that he could be worn, on Thursday night I packed him, and then I drove up after midnight on Friday and woke up my friends and crashed in their hotel room, and then woke them all up again the next morning because I’m just that good of a friend.

My Kamui and I left, and ten minutes later, we got super angry texts because we forgot to eat breakfast, which we ignored until after the cosplay/J-Rock makeup panel. We went to Wendy’s, because nothing says classy like Wendy’s. Note: this goes against everything I say about how cosplayers should eat during conventions.

I spent half of Saturday falling asleep on people (mostly Kamui.) It started off as a joke from Tokyo Revelations, since Subaru spends the whole time in Sleeping Beauty land, but I was so exhausted from my week that I couldn’t help myself.

We met up with another Tsubasa-cosplaying friend, a Fai, that my Kamui had met during college orientation, for the photoshoot. Apparently three minutes makes the difference between making and missing a scheduled Tsubasa photoshoot at NDK, because the same thing happened to me two years ago when I was Fai. But we had photoshoot part two against a super-attractive red wall.

I might or might not have actually woken up and completely taken control of the photoshoot because the girl who I thought was running the photoshoot seemed really meek (or NDK was just really loud.) Turns out none of us have any idea who that was, but thankfully Fai-cosplaying friend also took photos.

Then we went back and I did some first cosplay prejudging and contest coaching because… it was my Kamui’s first cosplay contest! After she changed into her Sandplay Luka we went out into the hall, confused the cleaning ladies, and practiced presentation and we went through a mock pre-judging interview, told her what to focus on,  told her what to bring up in case the judges got distracted by shinies, and off we went.

Long cosplay contest line and even longer cosplay contest later, she got bumped up into Intermediate and won Best Craftsmanship!

And that’s about it. I did not get crept on by any Seishirou cosplayers (do those even exist?) and I totally failed at meeting up with everyone that I usually only see at conventions. Pics soon!


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