Please Excuse Me While I Die of I Don’t Even Know What

I went to Denver Fabrics with a cosplayer friend of mine. And on the way back we stopped at the Panera Bread a street down from the hotel that hosts NDK. I was really hungry for some mac’n’cheese and Greek salad at the same time and we wanted to figure out what the heck was going on with her Will of the Abyss from Pandora Hearts  for next spring. Last time she made a cupcake dress, we accidentally matched, and she wanted to know if we were going to match again (these things are important.) I’m doing another Amano Kuja for spring next year to celebrate having earned a degree without tearing a hole in existence from stress, and I didn’t have the ref art on my phone, so I Googled it.

Guess what happens when you Google “Yoshitaka Amano Kuja”? My cosplay, third result down. I don’t know how to react to that. But don’t worry, the Crystal is safe.


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My name is greyrondo. I've been a cosplayer since Fall 2006, and I've noticed that the best conversations I have with cosplayers usually involve the question, 'so how DID you do that?' So after studying costuming and making a closet's worth of costumes, that's what I'd like to help answer. Drop in and stay awhile whether you're a cosplayer or just a curious spectator; one of my musings is bound to be what you're looking for. If you have a question or something to say, leave a comment or contact me! I don't bite, I promise. View all posts by greyrondo

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