Microbes and Lace

This semester, we watched Moyashimon in anime club. We picked it for our comedy series and since we played it after Mushi-shi, we called it our ‘microbe power hour’. Apart from me thinking that the Oryzae microbe is the cutest thing since Hello Kitty, it was always refreshing to watch a comedic take on university after a stressful week in one.

And then we got to the last couple of episodes. Everything came together, the series’ episodic insanity made sense thematically, and… spoilers ahead!

This is Kei on the left. That's AU Edward Elric on the right. Just kidding.

Kei’s my favorite character because he had that grounded personality and comparatively subtle humor that made Moyashimons over the top situations believable without detracting from them. But then he totally bailed a few episodes in, leaving me a sad Kei fan and wishing just as much as Sawaki that Kei would pick up his phone and let Sawaki (and me!) know if he’s alive. He’d already pretty much made the ‘I need more casual cosplays!’ list on the second episode.

Remember Kei from the last pic? This is also Kei.

After being gone for half the anime, Kei reappears… looking very nice in full gothic lolita dress. This wouldn’t be a problem for me, except that I loved this series enough already and the ending of the anime was pretty much about going off and finding exactly what it is you want to do, even if people have other plans in mind for you. And as far as going off and finding exactly what I want to do, this is a pretty important semester for me.

Naturally, I had an immediate, instinctive ‘MUST COSPLAY!’ reaction. So basically, I can’t get my mind to accept cosplaying a female character no matter how much I love her, but Kei here brings out that part of me that always wanted to be a gothic lolita.


Images from animesuki.com, are-are.net, concretebadger.net


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