Happy Golden Sun 3 Day!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is out! I don’t have a Nintendo DS. I was waiting for GS:DD to come out before I got one, and then the release caught me by surprise, so I won’t be playing until that changes. So far I’ve heard that it’s pretty dialogue-heavy, which doesn’t bother me at all. Since my love for Golden Sun has been around even longer than Kingdom Hearts and I played GS before I had even touched Final Fantasy, I feel that if I can’t play the game, the least I could do is cosplay.

I got a lot of work for classes done over Thanksgiving so I could come home and get ‘Arcanus’ finished for Ikkicon. Though I’m back to work now, I did have a pretty successful day yesterday. I finished his cloak, skirt/pants (they remind me of the riding pants ladies would wear in the 1800s), and got through about half of his tunic.

It all went really quickly because apparently I was in the mood to tell fabric what to do, so everything except for the tunic spent most of its time as  a rectangle of fabric that I gathered/pleated/steamed into submission.

So, everything drapes nicely on a person but looks a bit off when I drape it onto the floor to take photos. Just one more reason to get a dress form (but mostly I want one so I can be super-neurotic and set all of my sleeves by hand. Seriously, it’s really fun.)

Looks like a full skirt, but they’re pants, I swear. Basically just four yards of fabric shoved onto an elastic waistband and hemmed because I wanted them to go up to my natural waist, but his tunic hits at mid-thigh. This is not the time of year when I enjoy making extra work for myself.

Also a bunch of rectangles. The dark blue has a touch enough of indigo to distinguish it from the navy of the pants, since my interpretation of the official art tells me they’re supposed to be two very subtly different tones. The cloak took much longer than the pants, due to the fusible interfacing on the lining and topstitching to make sure the lining didn’t bag out awkwardly from the cloak. Trim is absolutely stolen from Kuja, since when I bought that trim I had the total yardage of trim in my head, and didn’t take into account that I might want to use a couple of different trims on Final Fantasy’s peacock. To get the cloak to turn from a rectangle into something that would sit–and stay–on my shoulders, there’s a series of huge knife pleats underneath the hood. The hood was originally constructed to be functional like my Fai cloak, but I decided that I didn’t want to give myself the option of screwing up Alex’s wig with a hood. So I installed gathering lines on either end and flipped it so that the French seam holding the two halves together wasn’t showing.

My next chance to work on him is on Friday. I don’t think he’ll take longer than one more dedicated work day, so we’ll see what happens! I broke out the frock coat pattern to get a base sleeve for his tunic, so maybe Fai’s coat will see some progress fairly soon.



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