Why I cosplay

Many people cosplay for different reasons, but for me it’s more of a desperate need for a creative outlet.

I’m a Management Information System (MIS) major in college, which means I diagram and code all day long.  It’s not glamorous or amazing, but I love coding and diagramming can be fun.  However,  I am left with very little creativity in such a structured environment.  So, what did I do?  I fell into cosplay (again).

I briefly fell into way back in high school but left it because I was embarrassed by my skill level in comparison to others.  While I fell out of the cosplay scene, I didn’t completely fall out of the con scene, and God knows I’ve heard enough about cons from greyrondo.  So I got jealous and came back.  And then I fell in love with costuming and I am here to stay this time around.  🙂

I’m just hoping my post-bachelor degree job can pay for my cosplay hobby, because Lord, this is an expensive hobby

❤ amara


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