Today’s Plan

… was to get all of Kuja’s trim. This is my fifth Kuja costume and the first time I’m tackling his standard plum outfit (although it’s the Dissidia version), because I love his character and I wanted to feel confident in my sewing skills before even gathering the fabric and other materials for his most recognizable costume. I’ve had good luck with the purple and the white fabric at Denver Fabrics, but I haven’t been happy with any of the trim I’ve found so far. I wanted something ornate, but not something over-the-top for the main trim since there’s a LOT of it.

Seriously, half of what this guy's wearing is trim.

So after class and getting some things sorted out, I drove to the Hancock Fabrics that was also really close to the biggest Joanns I’ve been inside in my life. Seriously, it was the size of a Michaels. At Hancock Fabrics, I found the trim I wanted for the seam between Kuja’s purple puffy upper sleeve and his drapey white lower sleeve. This was the one I was okay with being ridiculously fancy. I found some ribbon by the spool to back it, and then wandered over to Joanns.

The first trim I wanted was $6 a yard, not on sale, and had maybe 3 yards left. I needed somewhere closer to 12 yards… and some quick math in my head told me it wasn’t an option even though it did match the sleeve trim perfectly. So I wandered over to the upholstery trim and found something that was a much warmer gold in comparison to the sleeve trim’s brittle gold, but it was one of those situations where it was so far off that I didn’t have to worry about color matching. There were five yards in stock at $3 a yard, and by this time, I  was sick of driving around and I was seriously in the mood for lunch, but decided I’d had enough of my Kuja fussiness and I didn’t want to deal with it after this shopping trip. A store closer in to Denver had the rest of the yardage I needed, so after I got directions and paid I booked it over there and got the rest.

And I didn’t have enough in the Kuja budget for ribbon to back that trim, so I spent the rest of the afternoon zig-stitching strips of this lemon crepe-backed satin I had lying around into ‘ribbon’ and watching Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress.

Tomorrow I have a crazy cosplay day; my steampunk friend has invited me along to a gathering in the morning, and I’m dragging Izaya off to a casual cosplay event in the evening! Please no snow.



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