The 50 Chapter Rule

I have recently devised a new rule to keep me from cosplaying the first character I see as pretty (and it is, in all honest, a huge problem for me).  It’s called the 50 Chapter Rule.

The 50 chapter rule is as folllows: the manga must be, at least fifty chapters, and I have to read all those 50 chapters in order to even start thinking about which character I want to cosplay.

By doing this, I am helping myself learn more about the characters, thus able to choose the one I like most.  With a character I love most, I can keep the will to continue the costume even when fiances get tight and I start to hate the costume.  I want the end product to be something I love, so the fifty chapter rule is essential to keeping the love.

Currently, I’m in love with Alice in the Country of Hearts, but it isn’t 50 chapters yet, so I can’t cosplay anything yet because I don’t have a good grasp on the characters and can’t decide who I like the most yet.  Instead, I’m turning my attention Bride of the Water God, which has over 80 chapters.  And it’s so pretty.  Like Clamp levels of  pretty.

(yes, that was an unsubtle hint to go read it, because it’s an awesome series and deserves so much more attention.)

❤ Amara


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