Five Tips to Making a Cosplay Look More Professional

1) Fold your seams over twice so the edge of your fabric is covered. This way, if the fabric tends to unravel, it won’t show or shed on you during the convention.  Surging is preferred, but most of us (ie: me) don’t have a surger.

2)  Don’t use hot glue on fabric. Just don’t; it always ends horribly.

3) Use, at least, medium grade fabric. By medium grade fabric, I mean not Walmart fabric.  Go to your local fabric store because there is a distinct difference between the fabric sold at Walmart and at the usual fabric stores.  With coupons, it can be far cheaper than Walmart as well.

4) Use fabric with pattern. A pattern improves the design of the costume, taking it from bland to another level entirely. A pattern means that the cosplayer isn’t novice levels, and people notice.

5) Be in character. Simply by being in character and flirting as Madam Red, or smirking like Yuuko, I add another dimension to my cosplay.  Remember, cosplay isn’t just about the costume, it’s about the presentation too.

And One Tip on How to Look More Professional at Judging.

1) Bring progress pictures. Bring a lot.  There is a  direct correlation between impressing a judge and the amount of progress pictures you bring.

❤ Amara


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