Anime Overload Con Report

Surprise last-minute convention before I go to Colorado!! I’m not kidding. I woke up on Thursday with a text from Dugfinn asking if I was going to Anime Overload in Austin. I waffled around and I didn’t decide to go until 2 PM and we were leaving that evening. So I picked up the first two costumes that were 1) in as few different places as possible and 2) NOT Grell, so Trance Kuja and Albireo got a surprise road trip before the big one back up to college at the end of this week.

Still in one piece, which is more than can be said for some of my badges.

Anime Overload is now officially the smallest convention I have ever attended. But if anyone knows how to rock with what they’ve got, it has to be this con. It was in a single converted warehouse to barebones event center space. And I don’t know why the Swedish Fish people were there, but I have such a weakness for Swedish Fish I’m pretty sure I ate the equivalent of a Halloween bag’s worth of the fishies.

I really enjoyed being able to see so much of the handiwork of the Anime Overload cosplayers when I judged. And I think I talked a little more at the panel than at previous conventions, so maybe I’m getting used to being in front of people like that. I spent most of the convention doing cosplay stuff, so apart from walking around the convention to stretch my legs, I spent most of my free time talking to the awesome people I came to the convention with, the artists in the artist alley booths around us, and when we went to get food. Oh my goodness. The food.

I ate better at Anime Overload than the rest of my conventions put together. There was a miniature Chinatown sort of shopping center a block down from the event center, so… most of what I ate, I had for the first time. We had all of those yummy sweet breads, Aloe drink, milk teas, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t even remember. Speaking of not remembering, I saw a box of mixed-berry Pocky for sale and I forgot to pick it up for Amara. I’m sorry!! I also got food from a taco truck for the first time and had the most delicious tortas (also for the first time!) and we found this amazing Chinese restaurant that had real food instead of the typical fifteen different kinds of sweet and sour chicken-y things. I wrote down the name of the restaurant and as many directions as I could so I can find it again. Seriously, it was that delicious.

Much love,



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