Grell’s LBD

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, it’s true. Grell seems like he would be good at breaking silences (or making awkward silences) and I finished him way ahead of schedule. For the longest time I called this his Moulin Rouge dress, but every lady needs that one little black dress and this one is his. Or as little as a LBD could be in the Victorian era, anyways.

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Not pictured are the lovely thigh highs and garters that also go with this, because both tend to look like scrunched-up and forgotten piles of trim if someone’s not in them! The dress itself is lined in poly shantung and the fashion fabric is this lovely floral brocade I picked out at the last minute when I realized that the fabric I’d first picked reflected light like a black hole. I have no clue what the striped fabric on the shoulders and on the shoes’ bows is, only that it was on clearance and is something polyester that likes to rip along the straight of grain even when I’m trying for the cross.

For whatever reason, it’s really hard to find affordable fire hydrant red pumps this season. The shoes were the dreariest off-white pair in my size, but were also $7 and I had plenty of the Nu-Life spray left over from reaper Grell.  The opera gloves in the design don’t have the rhinestone trim like the pair I bought, but this is Grell here. I honestly couldn’t tell what was going on with the earrings and the choker except for the basic red and black shapes and the skull. They probably would have stayed a lot simpler if I hadn’t found those cute little bow charms, and of course I couldn’t just leave them there…

And the hair. It’s hard to see, but that huge mass of flowers and ostrich feathers is attached to a removable hair piece. X_X I’ll probably devote an entire angst-ridden post to it.

Much love,



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One response to “Grell’s LBD

  • AngeliqueAlene

    This is absolutely adorable. Very Grell. I happen to like the floral brocade, and think it gives the dress a little more depth than a flat black silk would have. It was a good choice, even if it was last minute.

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