Taking The Time Needed

It’s been a while, guys!  Sorry about that, but I’ve been a good little cosplayer and finishing two costumes in roughly a month for A-kon, and starting upon another for San Japan.  Let me say this first, I do not recommend rushing costumes.

Nope, not a recommendation at all.

Here’s the deal.  You start up a project thinking, ha, I have enough time and all the things I need, so I can do it!!, which is probably accompanied by a ridiculous Sailor Moon or Naruto pose.  And honestly, the project looks simple – a piece of cake.  All you need to do is sew a few piece of fabric together, put on a few buttons and tada! you’re finished.

The cake is a lie, people.

First off, you’ll have some mini-disaster sewing.  Maybe the bobbin won’t work or the thread isn’t right,soyou’llhave to fix that bit.  Then the costume isn’t fitting right, so pull out the seam ripper and take apart the entire costume and start again.  Oh wait, there has been this super awesome, ulta-rare, chocolate covered addition to the character design, so you need more fabric, but that costs thirty dollars, but the money’s work it becuase omg it’s sooooo coooolll!*

The point I’m trying to make is, you need to balance out the time requirements because they will sneak up and bite you in the behind.  Hard.  I was finishing up a hat for Yuuko Friday night in the hotel because I didn’t delegate time well.  Also, last minute additions will add a stain to your budget, so taking the time for sales and such will help save your bank account as well as keep you from settling with something inferior to the design in your head.

I find it hard to compromise my characters because of my budgets because the reasons I want to cosplay Lotti (Pandora Hearts) and Yuuko (xxxHolic) is because I love them.  I don’t want to disrespect them by putting out something that looks inferior to who they embody.  Yuuko and her sexual but expensive nature and Lotti and her Victorian era madness.

With an inferior product, I am disrespecting myself and my abilities.  I am not a costuming student, nor am I, entirely, a proficient sewer, but I have a healthy amount of respect for myself and what I deem good.  I refuse to put out something that doesn’t show that I put hours and money into a project.  That I thought out the placement of each piece, that I chose each fabric after much deliberation, and that I worked, hard, to get the finished project out there.

So, remember, respect yourself and the character you are cosplaying.  Take the time to get it right!

❤ mamaesme

*The entire paragraph is based on personal experiences over the past month.  The entire paragraph.  (I seam ripped one costume five times.)


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