Product Review: Laughing Moon and Mercantile California Pants

 I bought it here:

 Pros: I liked that they included both women’s and men’s patterns in the same pattern, since that worked best for my purposes. At the time I made the California Pants, I had never made a pair of pants any more complicated than Duo Lon’s yoga/elastic waistband/whatever they were pants, which I can safely say prepared me in no way whatsoever for tackling these. As long as you go patiently—different from going slow—the pattern and directions will see you through very nicely. Also included is a thorough explanation of the trousers in regards to the period, which granted isn’t so much useful as incredibly interesting. I also liked that the directions included some hand-sewing techniques.

 Cons: I don’t have any complaints with the pattern itself, except that I hate commercial tissue paper patterns with a fiery passion. But I understand that it’s the only way to get all of those different sizes into a packet smaller than a shoebox. The only thing keeping me from going back to this pattern again is that after I made them for Animeland Wasabi, I learned how to tailor trousers from the same period but much closer to what Grell would have actually worn, and the process and results weren’t similar at all. When they say ‘California Pants’, they mean it.

Overall: I would recommend this pattern. It’s a great pattern to learn from, and isn’t more challenging than the cut of the garment requires. One thing: the pattern uses buttons in the fly, which is period accurate but kind of annoying for cosplay when you have suspenders and a period shirt as well. I don’t think anyone would begrudge you for switching in a zipper as long as you know that zippers weren’t ‘really’ used until the 1930s or so (then again, if you’re cosplaying Kuroshitsuji like I was, you can just say that zippers were ushered in half a century early along with Ciel’s TV).

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