Product Review: Laughing Moon Mercantile’s Men’s Victorian and Edwardian Shirts Pattern

 I bought it here:

 Pros: I learned a lot from making this shirt. I learned how to flat-fell a seam, do a narrow hem, and distinguish between many of the collars and cuffs used for different situations in the time period. This pattern is great to keep around, too: apart from including two different largely encompassing styles of shirts, it has the option of a couple of dress fronts, and multiple detachable collars, detachable cuffs, and neckwear (though Grell’s bow was somehow mysteriously not included. Can’t imagine why.)

 Cons: This is a men’s pattern, so the smallest size dusted my knees when I held up the pattern piece. Shorten carefully; the yoke made the shirt shorter than I planned (but thankfully not too short). Count the stud quantities carefully as well: I ended up with one short without time to order another one.

 Overall: I would recommend this pattern to someone else. It took less time from start to finish than I thought and while I had to look up a few terms, I take that to be lack of knowledge on my part. A machine that does buttonholes will really make this process easier: handworked buttonholes get a bit tiring after about fourteen or so.

 Much love,



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