The Lining That Wasn’t Meant to Be

 There’s a certain lack of progress going on with my vest for Romance Collection Grell. It should be quick because it doesn’t have pockets or a collar. Because it doesn’t have a collar, it can’t double as his standard manga vest. But quite honestly I wouldn’t mind making another vest after this one.

 Maybe I would use the fabric again just because I have enough scraps to make another vest, but not this lining again. Not this lining again if you paid me. Total waste of a 50% off coupon, which is a crime this close to A-kon.

 I’ve dealt with some pretty uncooperative lining (so I know how to treat lining, press cloths and lowest heat possible and everything else) but this just beats out every other candidate for most hated lining ever. Beats it out by a mile.

I would do a formal pros/cons review, but the only pro was that the color went nicely with the vest fabric. It’s currently sold at Joanns for $8.99 a yard, and has this running along the selvage edge. Don’t do it.

 Much love,



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