Blister Prevention

I have a bit of a problem with my feet.  It’s called “prone-to-blister-and-bleed-and-make-mamaesme’s-mother-freak-out” syndrome, and I’ve been plagued with it my entire life.  No matter what type or style of shoe, I get horrible gaping bloody wounds all over my feet.  For example, when I played volleyball in high school, I would have to go get my feet wrapped in medical gauze and tape because the running shoes left my feet so torn up after three hours of practice that I would have to limp away. Court shoes usually did worse to my feet, and I have enough bloody socks to prove it.

How do I prevent this in everyday life?  I normally don’t.  Usually my feet will toughen up enough that the blisters will stop developing so quickly, or I’ll simply wear think socks with my tennis shoes or flip flops.  Because of the latter, my feet are unusually soft, and seem to blister after wearing heels for thirty minutes, as seen today.

What does this rambling have to do with cosplay?  Some costumes call for the most ludicrous shoes that prove to be the Achilles heel to…well, my heel.  I’m making sure to wrap my feet in medical tape, because if I’m going to wear ankle boots for Madam Red or wooden platforms for Yuuko, I want to be able to make sure I a) don’t bleed through the shoe itself (this has happened) and b) don’t end up limping after thirty minutes.

So, safety tip of the day.

If your feet are prone to blisters, or your shoes aren’t the best, put band-aids on the potential problem areas, wrap medical gauze (the colored plastic stuff!) across your feet to cover the band aid, and then wrap medical tape on top of the gauze.  (side note: make sure to adhere some of the tape to your skin so everything will stay in place.)  Make sure the tape isn’t too tight, slip on your shoes, and have a great day.

Any other safety tips I should mention?

❤ mamesme


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