Shoes on a Shoestring Budget

I think I need to preface this with a simple statement:  I am a college student, and thus, I am cheap.

Yuuko is a tall character, and I’m not.  At almost 5′ 5”, I am short.  So when it comes to character as tall as Yuuko, I need some heels in order to not look like some chibi version of her.  Actually, I don’t need heels, I need five inch platforms to get anywhere near Yuuko’s height.

But like I said before, I’m cheap.

So the first place I start looking for shoes is discount stores like Payless or Rackroom Shoes.  They have the shoes that didn’t sell in name brand stores and are discounted way off the original prices, and they also hold sales at least once a month.  Discount stores also carry the harder to find colors, like lime green and neon yellow, if it’s in season.  Becuase, come on guys, some of those colors are HARD to find, even online.

Also, towards the end of the season, Dillards sells off it’s high quality (Gucci, Choo, etc) shoes at sixty percent off.  Good quality shoes for twenty dollars, usually. And I mean good quality that go to your thighs made with very expensive leather for twenty dollars.  (I’m a sale lover, can you tell?)

When you are looking for the shoes at local stories, make sure to walk in with a plan and a rather well formed idea of what your shoe needs to look like, and don’t get sidetracked by the five million other pairs on sale.  I know they are pretty, and tempting, but remember what you are there for.

However, I wouldn’t recommend anything that looks like leather from Payless because it’s pleather and scuffs very easily, personal experience speaking here. Discount stores, while cheap, sometimes sacrifice quality for price.  Make sure the shoes fit and you can walk around in them without getting blisters or rubbing your foot raw.  American Eagles shoes are always of good quality, so I’ll vouch for those.

In short, if you want shoes to modify or just searching for shoes that aren’t going to break the bank,  I’d suggest look at the discount stores and locally before going with an online option.


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