Small Appliques

Time: 20 hours

Ability: 1/5

Safety: 4.5/5

I just finished making about five bajillion triangles for Yuuko.  Since I’ve decided I’ve has enough practice, I’ll explain through steps!

1) I found the fabric.

There were four main colors for the triangles I needed to find.  A red, one white, and the last purple or green, depending on the location of the piece on the costume.  I searched for a fitting shade that matched the other pieces as well as had some sort of design in the fabric to keep it from looking too plain.  Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Walmart – I went everywhere until I found what I wanted.

2) I decided the size and shape.

I decide to go with square instead of triangles since, in all cases, making a larger applique and cutting it in half would be easier.  Especially since the art in question didn’t show perfect triangles.  There is also a piece of the costume that is a collection of diamonds.  Two birds, one stone situation.

I played with sizes with paper, figuring out how large I wanted the final products until I decided that I wanted them to be cut out 4 (purple/green), 5 (white), and 6 (red) inches.

3) I decided not to sew.

I don’t have a sewing machine (or access to one) at college.   I, instead, decided to use Stitch Witch, a hemming heat activated glue easily found at Walmart in the sewing section.  I used the regular rolls, which resemble dyer sheets when opened, but they worked perfectly.

4) I got busy.

I sat down a few weeks and put myself into the zone, measuring and cutting out all the squares.  I turned on marathons of America’s Next Top Model and ironed, ironed and ironed some more.  I ironed the edges of the squares over, ironed them to each other layer by layer until I had a finished square and then I cut them in half.

150+ triangles later, I’m done with the appliques and finished the part with the diamonds.  (below is a prototype.  There are three versions of each triangle until I got it just right.

In the end I used: 1 yard of green and 1 of purple fabric, 2 1/2 yards of white, and 3 of red.  I also used over 15 rolls of Stitch Witch and killed a marker and a ruler.  🙂  And a yard of fusible interfacing was used on the triangles when it went on sale.


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