Convention Report: Animeland Wasabi 2010

I love small conventions. I’m not joking. Sometimes, weird stuff happens, and sometimes there’s a little too much downtime, but otherwise, I actually have more fun at small conventions than I do at large ones, because people are more willing to put a hold on their tenth run through the dealer’s room and chat.

Animeland Wasabi got a new hotel this year, one that was much harder to find: at one point, mamaesme received a text saying something along the lines of: ‘I couldn’t call myself a true Grell cosplayer if I didn’t manage to get lost at least twice before finding the hotel.’ Overall, I think the hotel looked nicer, but there was a lack of outside photography space and to ensure that I got a parking spot every day of the convention, I left my home at 8:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday (don’t worry, I’m a morning person).

One thing I particularly like about Animeland Wasabi is the staff. I’ve been to more than 20 conventions now and as far as I can tell, they get the same amount of stuff, if not more, done than the average convention, and all without the freaking out and causing an unnecessary fuss (I’m looking at you, A-kon elevator volunteers…) that seems to be a pre-req for getting hired at most other conventions. The only thing I don’t like about Animeland Wasabi is that their badges are very delicate and pretty much ask to be either lost and/or mangled beyond recognition.

Apart from escaping into the viewing room during the afternoons and the occasional panel, I spent most of my time in the artist’s alley, where I had become friends with an amazing group of artists who were incredibly nice despite having just met me on Friday (they let me park my chainsaw under their table !) and I hope we can hang out again at NDK. The table was next to Doug Smith’s, and every time I spoke with him he was an unbelievably cordial and friendly person. I also had the chance to work with Eurobeat King for a few photoshoots, and spoke several times with him as well. He is, put plainly, pretty awesome.

This was Grell’s first convention, and it was a pretty good one. I had some people kind of push the envelope as soon as they figured out I would hold a conversation with them in character, but that thankfully stopped before I decided to break character and tell them to back off and find another outlet to fuel their Grell bashing (there was really only one person who went to that extreme). Everyone else was very nice, and I really am interested in knowing who proposed to me from the audience during the contest (sorry, I don’t have peripheral vision in this wig!) Grell did win Best in Show, and I’m glad that I got a chance to look at all of the other gorgeous cosplayers who entered in the contest.

Also, I got to see mostly everyone from the DCCS who I had met at last year’s Animeland Wasabi, and who had played such a huge role in giving me enough confidence to truly step into the Colorado cosplay scene in the first place. I will definitely be attending Wasabi next year, someone please just tell Mapquest to start making sense.

Much love,


P.S.: During the convention, I seemed to be the Contact-Lens-Bad-Luck Fairy. I ended up coaching three or four different cosplayers on how to put in their theatrical contacts on Saturday, and a Dante cosplayer who I had spoken to about props ran into the cosplay contest green room late because, if I heard him correctly, he had trouble putting in his contacts. I am so sorry, everybody!


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