Everyday Costuming

Cosplays are usually not for day to day wear.  Unless you’re Lady Gaga.  That woman is just too fierce to wear sweatpants.

But then again, they aren’t really only for cons.  Some pieces can be worn in everyday fashion.  Greyrondo has a top from her Fai costume that she busts out from time to time and always gets compliments on.  (But then again, it could just be she’s totally fashionable, and I’m wearing sweatpants.) But it’s a piece of her cosplay.

Most believe, and myself, initially, that costuming is for special events only.  But costuming teaches designers, seamstress, and those of us who love sweatpants, how to think creatively.  Out of the box.   High fashion, in some cases, are merely crazy costuming choices.  I mean, Michael Kors and his men’s scoop neck seems like something out of a cartoon. What becomes popular today is sometimes things you would have never thought of before.

Mangaka take chances with designs.  They put characters in some of the strangest outfits known to man, but they work if only because they are in that world.  Who is to say dress of Yuuko’s wouldn’t be a stunner walking down the runway at Bryant Park?  Certainly not me, especially when I was thinking about wanting a skirt with an abstract butterfly patterned on it in class today. All because of Yuuko.

I’m watching as butterflies become a part of my everyday wardrobe just because of her.  She’s changing my style, making me take more chances.  Wear jackets instead of hoodies, fitted jeans instead of sweatpants, boots instead of flip flops.  I choose clothing (and especially earrings) due to her preference of style: fitted, emphasizing my assests, and colorful.

I’m not saying I’m giving up my sweatpants, but costuming, designing, choosing fabrics – they are all teaching me to see the world in a different light.  I love tailoring, flirty fabrics, and carefully chosen colors, and this is a world where I can see a pattern in a manga and think, ‘Wow, Fai’s cloack design would make a great eye-catching embellishment on a tank top!’

Let the things you like about a costume influence your style, let it make you smile and laugh, let it show that side of you that you only show when in costume.  Don’t become your character, become a better you.  Life, and fashion, are about being comfortable with yourself, with your looks, and with those emotions inside.  Be sexy, emo, anything you want to be.  Just be yourself the best you can be.

For the first time since I hit puberty, I’m comfortable enough to brush off comments about my looks and love myself.  Thanks Yuuko!  (and greyrondo, you fierce, magnificent fashionista!!)

love, mamaesme


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