Deconstructing the Costume

Picking a costume is interesting.  Sometimes you see a character and say, “I want to be her/him!”, others you want to tackle the costume, there are those you are coerced into, and for a few, the character chooses you.  It doesn’t matter how it got you to the point of actually making a cosplay, but you’re here.  You’re sitting with a picture and trying to figure out how on Earth you’re going to pull it off.

Take in a a deep breath and don’t panic.  Give the picture  a second glance and tear it apart in your mind.  How many different pieces can be made from it?   Is it a three pieces suit?  What can you do to make it easier?

I’m currently making xxxHolic’s cover 14 Yuuko (the one with the coins).  It looks like it’s a revealing kimono with sash, but I’ve separated into five pieces that will be stitched together in the end, and that’s without the sash, triangles, coins and hat.

There are two sleeves, a skirt, a vest-style top, and the strip of fabric hanging from her waist.  From there, I broke apart each piece.  The sleeves will be one piece of fabric each, the skirt will be one piece as well, the vest will be three, and the strip of fabric will be hundreds of triangles sew together.

And suddenly, that costume doesn’t look so hard.  It’s a lot of little pieces, but once they are sewn together, you’ve got a costume. Take it one step at a time, and trust me, it’ll be easy.

After all, I’m working on my first “real” cosplay here; I’m as terrified as you are.



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